1- Help Buy a Car
2- Lube Top Up

Do you need help buying a car?
Our technicians have over 20 years of experience in the field and are good help when buying a car. However, there are things that our technicians cannot see, like for example: the inside of engine, how long a transmission will work before it gets damaged. Our technicians will drive test the car and look for abnormalities, leaks, squeaks and other noises that may indicate problems in the future. For Example: ball joints, control arms, stabilizer links, tires, rims, wares, brakes front and rear as well as emergency brake handling. We will look for wearing of the gaskets in the engine, transmission, AC compressor and make sure that your heater and AC system are in mint condition. All these and much more for just a minimum quote that can make you save a lot of money and what's more important, WORRIES.

Lube Top Up
If you have no idea on how to check or refill your car lubes (engine oil, transmission oil, anti-freeze, etc., we can help you out with the purchase of this package.
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