*Ask us for technical support free of charge.
Hardware Programming:

We reprogram ECMs (Engine Control Module), PCMs (Power Train Control Module), TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitor System) sensors,TCMs(Transmission Control Module) transmissions, ABS (Anti Lock System), and ignition keys. 

  • Ford*
  • Mazda*
  • Nissan (keys & Remotes)
  • Chrysler (ask for info)
  • All GMs

*minimum two keys.

General Mechanic Work:

-Shacks & struts
-Brake pads
-Drum brakes
-Emergency brake pads
-Oil change and filter
-Valve cover gasket replacements
-Flush of anti-freeze
-Puncture repair (plugs)
-Repair of brake lines
-Installation of AC compressors
-AC line repair
-Heater core replacements
-Engine installation and removals
-Transmission installation and -removal
-AC Delco batteries
-Heater and cooling systems
-Tire rotation

Electrical Services:

Troubleshooting of:
-Ignition systems
-Brake lights
-Signal lights
-Turn lights
-Door locks
-Hatch door troubleshooting
-Side door troubleshooting
-Window regulators
-Window motors
-Atomatic rear-view mirrors

Coming soon:

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